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William Jackson
Executive Director
Village of Wisdom

Dr. William P. Jackson is the Founder of Village of Wisdom (VOW), a non-profit organization that uses Black parent power to ensure that education decisions about Black learners support their consistent exposure to culturally affirming learning environments (CALEs) inside and outside of school. Under William’s leadership VOW has rapidly positioned Black parents as power brokers and thought leaders in education, specifically, as the prevailing voices in evidence-based culturally affirming learning. VOW launched with the support of fellowships with Echoing Green and Camelback Ventures. 

William’s work is regularly recognized, including in 2019 as an Ashoka Fellow. Prior to founding VOW, he worked as a high school science teacher in Atlanta Public Schools and then at Frontline Solutions, a social change consulting firm, helping support organizations codify and clarify their strategies for equitable impact. William has a bachelor’s degree from Norfolk State University, a master’s degree from Georgia State University, and a PhD from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.



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