June 6, 2022

The Knowledge House: Diversifying Talent Pipelines in Technology

"After working in education for several years, Jerelyn Rodriguez grew incredibly frustrated with the single-minded focus many stakeholders had on college education as a tool for economic mobility. In response, Rodriguez (CEO) and Joe Carrano (CTO) founded The Knowledge House (TKH) in 2014 in the Bronx.

“By equipping young people with technology skills, they can benefit from the exponential job growth and gain economic opportunity, living wages, and career mobility.” said Rodriguez, adding that, “Since its inception, TKH trained more than 1,800 young adults, with over 75% successfully securing meaningful employment with salaries of more than $50,000.”

Rodriguez was recently recognized as a Luminary by The 1954 Project, a Black-led education philanthropy initiative to fund diverse leaders. In this Q&A, Rodriguez discusses how The Knowledge House helps young people explore tech career pathways and ensures underserved youth have access to job training and workforce development opportunities."

Read the complete article here.



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